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Last year, I was qualified by a colleague who was OK withThere seemed to be problems with Citrix Receiver on his computer. and the battery ran out in a very short time. Obviously, this was due to the fact that it consumed a lot of resources on its surface. He tested it himself and found that the difference was with the Citrix Receiver.
When the car started making noise etc. my husband just unplugged the receiver and everything was fine.

But it’s a small workaround, at best I thought I’d better learn it.

He was the only one of my colleagues who reported the problem to me.
First, he looked for details on his own computer, and on the way to the office, on others.
In the end, the difference seemed to be that one with Windows 10 Enterprise while the others didn’t always use Enterprise.
The most unusual #2 was basically the one using Direct Access.
So I decided to reinstall the purchased Surface with Windows 10 Enterprise as well Direct access for myself.
After reinstalling the deployment receiver with single sign-on and direct access enabled, I ran some tests. i

I had exactly the same problem when my colleague, a high performance receiver, went down on any process level and found that the AuthManager site was the culprit.
Next point, disable direct access, this did not result in any change, still high cpu, busy fan and reduced battery life. Also
tried with different models of receivers, 4.3 > 4.6.
Well, this only proves that Windows 10 Enterprise is a real sinner.

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Opening a case with Citrix during troubleshooting.
Somewhere created by a recipient, sent to Citrix, not to mention feedback, my Citrix area also tried to reproduce the problem, but without success.
After a while, this answer from Developer Citrix came.

They came to the conclusion that there were problems with the Card-Good DLL in Windows and requested a medical examination by doing the following:

“Go to “C:WindowsSystem32Winscard.dll” folder. Rename the file (winscard.dll.old), check system and machine.”

You may need to take ownership of the file before you can rename it. Also don’t forget to mark it as read/write before changing so you can restore it later.

Results? :
1. RenameDownload WinScard.dll from With Surcase. Anew. AuthMangere is now also 2 normal
. WinScard.dll restored to original path name, restarted. the problem is back.

So the problem is definitely related to the Windows 10 Card Mobile DLL.
This fix from Citrix works if you’re having this problem now, but I don’t think it’s a permanent fix.
Who already knows when the smart card DLL takes into account changed windows with updates, etc. but the travel bag is still closed.

Because I’m a designated member of the Citrix Slack leech, someone reached out to me with the same issue.
I shared a fix from Citrix with them and recently found out it works there too.

Well, if anyone else comes across this, I highly recommend that you report it to Citrix so they can see that this is not an isolated incident.
Please refer to file #: 72196652 when reporting. the fact that my original carrier could be Citrix.

Hopefully this will be installed in a later update, mostly on the recipient side or OS side.

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Specialized in EUC, security, transport, virtualization and modern workplace management.
Specialized in RDS/Citrix/EUC/Mobility.

Citrix Receiver is a typically digital workspace software platform developed by Citrix Systems that allows three-party users to remotely access Windows-Microsoft workstations and work through devices that work remotely.o in a real data center, public or proprietary cloud. in Singapore. This article serves as a fun guide and will clearly guide you on how to silently install Citrix Receiver anywhere from the command line using the EXE installer.

How To Automatically Install Citrix Receiver

How do I download Citrix Receiver for Windows?

Go to 2. Download Citrix Receiver. Save it to your download folder or desktop. Your web browser may warn you about the risks of downloading files from our Internet.

Automatic Installation Of Citrix Receiver (EXE)

  1. Go to:
  2. Download most of CitrixReceiver.exe to a custom folder located at (C:Downloads).
  3. Open an elevated command prompt by right-clicking it or by selecting Run as administrator.
  4. Navigate to specific folder C:Downloads
  5. Enter the following command: CitrixReceiver.exe /silent /noreboot
  6. Press the A-Enter key

After several attempts, you will find listings of Citrix Receiver auctions or sales in the start menu, in the installation directory, and in the Programs and Features section of the appropriate control panel.< /p>

Introductory Information ezah=”250″ provides a brief overview of how to display titlessoftware, manufacturer, automatic installation and removal switches. The download URLs provided lead directly to the provider’s website. If you think you might be interested in learning more about these configurations, read on.

Additional Settings

Change Default Citrix Receiver Directory


Your installation can also change our own default installation directory using the following command line options. In my example I install Citrix Receiver as “C:CitrixReceiver Citrix”

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CitrixReceiver.exe /silent /noreboot INSTALLDIR=" C :CitrixCitrix Receiver"

Install One Or More Of The Following Citrix Receiver Components

ReceiverInside, ICA_Client, and AM are installed by default when Citrix Receiver is built.

CitrixReceiver.exe /silent /noreboot ADDLOCAL="ReceiverInside,ICA_Client,AM,SELFSERVICE,USB,DesktopViewer,Flash,Vd3d,WebHelper“. –

Disable Citrix Receiver Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP)

< /array>

Install The Domain Logon Single Sign-on Component

CitrixReceiver.exe /silent /noreboot /EnableCEIP=false
CitrixReceiver pass-through.exe /silent /noreboot /includeSSON

Set Single Sign-on But Disable Instant Credentials

CitrixReceiver.exe /silent /noreboot LOGON_CREDENTIAL_CAPTURE_ENABLE=No

Enable/Enable Citrix Receiver SSO

CitrixReceiver.exe /silent /noreboot ENABLE_SSON=Yes

Disable /includesson Citrix Receiver SSO

CitrixReceiver.exe /silent /noreboot /includeSSON Citrix enable_sson=no

Set Receiver In Non-self-service Mode

How do I download Citrix Receiver?

Go to Downloads. For Receiver: Select “Find Citrix Receiver?”.Select the drop-down arrow next to the desired workspace application.Once you’ve found the app deliveries you want, select the link to the Citrix Workspace app.Click the Download Citrix Workspace App button.

How do I access my Citrix Receiver?

On the Windows Start screen or the Apps TV screen, find and click the Citrix StoreFront tile. Select the Stores node in the left pane and on the action bar, click Manage Web Receiver, click Configure, and select Client Interface Options. Select Enable Receiver/Workspace Application Configuration.

How do I download Citrix ICA Client for Windows?

Go to the Citrix Workspace Store or the Citrix Storefront Store. Select the resource you are trying to access – application or desktop. Chrome displays a dialog to save the “.ica file”.