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Connect with us. Life cycle status: mature. 8 (12 ai bits, 10 ksa/s), 2 AO (150 Hz), 12 DIO output and a 32-bit counter.

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What is NI USB 6009?

The National Instruments USB-6008/6009 devices offer eight single-ended analog input (AI) channels, two output analog (AO) channels, 12 DIO channels, and a 32-bit counter with the new full speed USB interface. .

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If clients are in the office or have a network, you can multi-level ask the administrator to scan the entire network for misconfigured or potentially infected devices.

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This Buyer’s Guide describes how to use the special National Instruments USB-6008, which is manufactured by National Instruments

The NI USB-6008/6009 has eight single-ended analog input (AI) stations

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two channels of analog (AO), output 17 channels of digital input / output (DIO) and each 32-bit counter with

—This document uses the NI-DAQmx naming conventions. An open drain is called an open collector, and push-pullth is called


© National Instruments Corporation 3 NI USB-6008/6009 User Manual and Specifications

Use the NI USB-6008/6009 Technical Device again only as directed in this user guide.

Warning It is unlikely that you will use NI’s USB-6008/6009 in a manner not specified in this document. Incorrect use of the device can

this leads to dangers: a) you can lose the protection built into a particular device

At any crush. If the product is damaged, contact National Instruments Improvement Department.

Warning Do not replace parts or device, modify except as described in this document. Use my

Device only with cases, modules, bonuses and cables, in the specified application

Routes. Protective covers and overlays must be installed on all devices during a surgical operation.

Attention! Do not use the device in a potentiallyExplosive atmosphere or where it should be.

flammable gases or vapours. If you are using a real device in such an environment, it must be designed appropriately in the appropriate environment

This product has been commissioned and found to comply with regulatory requirements and electromagnetic limits

Compatibility (EMC), where indicated, is in accordance with product specifications. These requirements and restrictions will certainly be

To provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the product is operated in a location

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This audio device is intended for industrial use. There is no guarantee that harmful interference will not occur

will not happen in the selected installation if the product is uniquely connected to the test object or if the product

is used non-commercially in the domain. To minimize the risk that the product may cause radio interference


Television in the main reception area or you have inappropriate physical activity, install and use the substance

Beyond this, no changes or modifications to the product are expressly approved by National

These tools can prevent your business from operating in accordance with your regulatory requirements. A

Attention! To ensure the prescribed EMC performance, use this product with the most efficient shielded cables

Attention! This product may be more susceptible to electromagnetic interference in operation

Wednesday time every time you connect test leads or every time you connect to a device under test.

Attention! Emissions in excess of regulatory requirements may occur when this product

ni daq 6008 manual

Attention! Changes or modifications not expressly noted by National Instruments may be revoked by the user

ni daq 6008 manual

Approval for use of electronics in accordance with local regulations.

UThe USB-6008/6009 does not come in high performance ESD packaging to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD). Avoid

To prevent electrostatic discharge damage when playing with your device, please take the following precautions:

Ground yourself with a grounding wrist strap or touch a grounded object.

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• When using anti-static packaging, all metal parts of the computer case must touch them before handling

Remove each device by hand from the packaging and check for loose parts or other signs of damage. OR If

Notify me if the device is damaged in any way. Do not install a severely damaged device on Das

Store in an antistatic package when not in use.

Do the following to release the NI USB-6008/6009

Note: For more information on allowed non-Windows operating systems, see Getting Started

Social security is available in the base userNI-DAQmx white paper for Linux and Mac OS at .com/manuals.

1. application Install (if applicable) as described in the assembly instructions, which include

Note. The schematic is located on the ni-daqmx floppy included and is intended for

Where can I find Ni DAQ specifications and user guides?

Indeed, many NI specifications and user manuals are available as PDF files from daq. You must now have Adobe Reader version 7.0 or later installed (PDF 1.or 6 later) to view PDF files. Visit the Adobe Incorporated Systems website at to download Acrobat Reader.